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4 Secrets to Financing Your College Education in the U.S.

15 Feb , 2016  

We’re not talking about loans here. We’re also not talking about your first year of college in the United States, fresh out of high school, when you could easily qualify for specific grants and scholarships. What happens when you’re well over the standard age many think of when going to school, or if you even have kids? Most people don’t think about whether or not it’s possible to get $5,815 in U.S. grant money, one portion of that being the Pell Grant, toward going back to college and furthering your education. Once you’re over the “hill,” that’s it.

The Truth Is I Still Had a Chance in Free Money for My College Education.

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The great thing about grants is that they don’t have to be paid back like student loans. And surprisingly, there’s plenty you don’t even realize about U.S. education and grants that would make it simple and easy on your wallet to go back to school. How so? Here are those four secrets I discovered in getting free money for my college education:

Who Knew, Right? The Fact Is This:

Just one of these secrets might reveal to you the very real possibility that you can, in fact, qualify for a Pell Grant solely based on your own income merits. At any time in your life. All it takes is finding the school and your major you want to pursue, plus discussing your option with the financial aid department of the school of your choice.

Simply fill out your name, and U.S. phone number if you have one, and complete the following forms to get matched immediately. (If you do NOT have a U.S. phone number, please leave your phone number blank). You might be well into your life, not even thinking about ever going back to school in the United States, but here’s the good news for you: now you can. And you will. Need to go back to school? I got free money for my college education and went back without a problem. You can, too.


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