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3 Choices to Make in the Wake of the Los Angeles School Shutdown

16 Dec , 2015  

Terrorism. The insane topic of the millennium these days, what with ISIS making so many headlines (as the activist group should). But as we view the stunning event happening regarding the Los Angeles school shutdown due to a supposed threat of some kind, we begin to wonder: are we safe in our schools? Is it safe for Americans to even go to school and learn how to make a living in today’s job market? Does terrorism really have that much of a stronghold that we can be completely shut down — apparently for nothing (after all, it was a ‘false alarm’).

We’ll Give the Authorities the Credit: National Security’s Paramount to the Success and Safety of Our Students

Make no mistake about it. We can talk about the University of Missouri, or Oklahoma Wesleyan University all we want. Obviously no one can be safe even around Planned Parenthood these days, what with crazies carrying guns (imagine what that would be like in a college. Kids are indeed not safe.). TheLos Angeles school shutdown-1 fact is national security matters especially in our schools. So the right decision was definitely made. However….

There are three other things we all should do to ensure we keep moving forward in our country:

  • Get Legal Services Involved — This is schooling we’re talking about. When that many schools get shutdown due to an emergency, proper legal actions must be taken. We need an appropriate legal plan in place, and this is where you can get it. Right here. Click the link.
  • Protect Our Identities — Just in case you didn’t catch the major heart of the matter involving the Los Angeles school shutdown, it was all about cyber-security, something terrorism these days does quite well, especially involving social media. So what should you do? Protect yourself right here. Don’t hesitate.
  • Talk to Your Professors as MUCH AS POSSIBLE — Lastly, this is important. We continue to strive. You have to see the point behind terrorism. Its goal is to derail us from what we do to gain our prosperity, to advance ourselves as a nation. ISIS wants us to stay away from schools. ISIS wants us to hide. So what should we do? Advance our careers. Seek out scholarships and grants. Go back to college. Make something happen with our education. Talk to your authorities and be in the know with your college or school. It’s the right thing to do.

Higher Learning MUST Be Protected in Our Country Following the Event of the Los Angeles School Shutdown

It starts with services. Services we all need. We need to be motivated to learn. Motivated to seek out the best student loans, the best colleges, the most beneficial degrees. From the ground up, if terrorism succeeds, regardless of whether we vote for a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it’s that terrorism that’ll break us from the bottom up by killing our education.

Let’s fight with our ultimate weapon: knowledge.

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