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Never Try Your “Hardest.” Always Do Your BEST in Education.

15 Sep , 2015  

Yes, this is a website dedicated to higher education and learning, as in for the college level. We’re used to talking about grants, scholarships, financial aid, and some of the how-to’s about the college life and what makes an exceptional college student with respect to finances, business, professional development and even jobs. But who would’ve thought a little 5th grader would’ve come up with this quote? NOBODY!

Never Try Your “Hardest.” Always Do Your BEST.

How profound is that? Her name’s Madonna Anne. For purposes of safety and respect, we opt on not divulging in herEducation-1 last name, so we’ll just call her Donna. As we mentioned already, she’s a fifth grader, and that all by itself should be enough to make the mind race at such a statement, which cutely takes its cue from one Yoda of Star Wars. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

So true, so true, and we don’t even need to be in a slimy mud hole, this is, to know that trying just won’t cut it when it comes to education. You just have to do your best.

The irony is this little lady faces the same sort of struggles some fifth graders deal with regarding education. It’s boring. Education is monotonous. It’s tough. Education is even painful. Oftentimes these fifth graders will face setbacks and loathe their teachers into some Armageddon and a fiery pit of despair meant for all professors seeking to make the lives of every student a living nightmare.

This is why the hardest isn’t good enough. Sometimes trying hard isn’t your best effort. And sometimes your best effort isn’t necessarily having to try so hard.

Ultimately, Your College Education Is Exactly Like That

You need the right resources. The right methods. The collaboration. The assistance. And with all of that together with the right motivation and perhaps even a smidge of intelligence, you’ll make it through college with the degree in your passion and a 1-way ticket to your dream job.

And you don’t need to have the best grades in high school to do it. You don’t need the highest ACT/SAT score. You don’t even need to have a decent IQ. You don’t need to try so hard. You just need to do your best.

Profound, right? — coming from a fifth grader. Be sure to thank Miss Madonna Anne for the words of wisdom as well as the dad who thought to make a comment about it!

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